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About Rumour

Executive Chef Abraham Risho joins Rumour.  New to Rumour, but definitely not new to Missoula - Chef Abe, previously with The Silk Road and Perugia, has joined our team and already rocking the kitchen with a new crew, and recipes. For Chef Abe it is all about fresh, local, and sustainable.

We have delicious new items on our brunch and lunch menus, as well.

Rumour is centrally located in Missoula’s emerging mid-town neighborhood with a beautiful outdoor patio. We offer seasonally inspired dishes, locally sourced when possible, and committed to sourcing wild caught, sustainable seafood. We use a large selection of organic food products, and we offer a broad, diverse menu.

Our Chef and cooks prepare all of our sauces, stocks, soups, pastas, pizzas, desserts, and more from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

We offer innovative vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, meat and seafood dishes.

John and Colleen are Montana natives who believe that sitting down for a meal is more than just fueling your body, but also an opportunity to create a lasting memory with family or friends. Their values are simple, just always try to do the right thing, be humble, and kind. We strive to do this every day with our employees and our guests. We have the best employees around, and our goal is to greet and serve our guests as they are friends coming into our home.

The blend of rustic and modern design, gives this place a comfortable stylish, fun ambiance.

We have plenty of free parking available. The entrance can be found on the North side of the building which is most convenient to our parking.

At Rumour, you'll get more than a great culinary experience.....You'll get the perfect night out!



Lunch            Daily          11.30am – 4.00pm

Dinner           Daily          4.00pm – Close

Happy Hour  Daily          3.00pm - 6.00pm

Brunch          Sat & Sun   11.30am - 3.00pm



1855 Stephens Avenue
Missoula, MT 59801




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News & Events

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Special Events - Dinners, Tastings, Pairings

Diners’ Choice Award winner!!




Happy Hour







Please note, these menus are just a representation of what we serve since we change them frequently with seasonal ingredients.



All menu items - food and alcohol, are also available for takeout! Call 406.549.7575 to place an order, or Order Online,

and if you would like your food delivered you can order through UberEats or ChowNow.



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Wine + Bar

Download our Wine and Bar Menu

Wine on Tap

This is something so new that most of you probably haven’t even heard of it before.  Welcome to Rumour, and the way we roll!  There are many benefits of having wine on tap, from environmental friendliness to wine quality.  There are 26 bottles in a keg, so we aren’t throwing 100’s of empty bottles into our landfill.  During the course of its lifetime, a single keg reduces the wine’s carbon footprint by 96% compared with traditional glass bottles.  With wine on tap, you never have to worry about an open bottle decreasing in quality and losing flavor profiles.  Wine in keg stays fresh, from the first glass to last.  There is no oxidation, no corkage, no spoilage.  You are engaging in a new thing just by sitting down in our restaurant.  We have 29 premium wines on tap.  You can buy a refillable growler and fill it each time you come back instead of tossing a bottle into your garbage bin.  And the green aspect is pretty awesome!  Together we are moving towards change.  Cheers!


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Private Events

Whether you are looking to host a private dinner for 15, or a reception for 350, Rumour’s diversity offers unique settings for any occasion. From corporate dinners to wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, or just a group of friends getting together, we will tailor-make each event to suit your individual requirements.

Complimentary state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, provides first-rate amenities for conferences, corporate presentations to entertaining.

Click here to submit a Private Event Request Form


Private Rooms

Our private dining rooms have been lovingly named after the birth date of John & Colleen’s parents.


Room 918

For Colleen’s dad, Joe, who can always be found, keeping himself busy, in the garage. This room has two garage doors that open up onto our outdoor patio.

75pp sit-down, 100pp reception

exclusive of patio


Room 628

For Colleen’s mom, Dorothy. We have 13 kids in our family, and Dorothy never had enough room at our table. This is the largest of the private rooms on the south side of the restaurant, and more than enough room to accommodate all of us!

30pp sit-down, 40pp reception


Room 920

For John’s mom, Gayle. We have a beautiful hand blown glass chandelier hanging in this room, and she is warmly remembered for her love of hand blown glass.

6pp sit-down


Room 1121

For John’s Dad, John. Born and raised in Butte, MT, it was only fitting that he got the room closest to our bar!

24pp sit-down, 30pp reception


Full Restaurant buyout

160pp sit-down, 350pp reception



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1855 Stephens Avenue
Missoula, MT 59801


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Phone: 406-549-7575

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Private Dining + Events
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Private Dining + Events
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Photo Gallery

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Virtual Tour

Enjoy a virtual tour of Rumour Restaurant!